Hady Pottery

Mohamed Alhady, an eminent figure in the realm of ceramics, embarked on an extraordinary journey that intertwined cultures, traditions, and artistic innovation. Originating from the heart of Egypt, Mohamed discovered a deep connection with clay amidst the lively streets of Cairo. Driven by an insatiable passion for design and art, Mohamed pursued a degree in ceramics at the esteemed Faculty of Applied Arts in Cairo, graduating with honours in 1986.

With a profound appreciation for Egypt’s intricate heritage, Mohamed dedicated his life to ceramics and design. Mohamed’s work acted as a bridge between ancient traditions and contemporary expressions, interweaving history, culture, and personal experience into each masterpiece.

In 2007, Mohamed embarked on a transformative journey, relocating to the United Kingdom. For almost a decade, England provided the backdrop for Mohamed’s artistic exploration, with each creation reflecting the nuances of his evolving journey.

In 2016, drawn by the allure of tranquillity and the unspoiled beauty of nature, Mohamed discovered a sanctuary in the remote landscapes of the Orkney Islands. Surrounded by rugged coastlines and sweeping vistas, Mohamed found a deep sense of belonging—a connection to the land and sea that influenced every aspect of his work.

In the serene embrace of Orkney, Mohamed’s ceramics took on a new dimension, infused with the spirit of the islands and echoes of ancient lore. The studio located at Pollykettle, nestled amidst rolling hills and dramatic cliffs, became a haven for creativity—a space where imagination flourished and dreams were realised.

Today, Mohamed stands as a symbol of artistic excellence, with their ceramics celebrated for their timeless beauty and profound significance. Each piece narrates a story—a testament to Mohamed’s journey from the vibrant streets of Cairo to the tranquil shores of Orkney.

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